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Traduction and interpretation for Science communication

  • La Palma Research Centre S.L.
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  • Los Llanos de Aridane

Descripción de la oferta

La Palma Research Centre (LPRC) is an independent, internationally active think-tank headquartered on La Palma, Spain, with a representation office in Brussels, Belgium. We are partners in Climate KIC and EIT RawMaterials Communities working on a broad range of areas related to geosciences, environment, blue economy and Green Deal. Our passions is sustainable development, our strength is offering immediate solutions for technology transfer, policy forecast and analysis, social networks-based marketing, scientific communication and public engagement. Placed in one of the Outermost Regions in Europe, active promotion of the development of our region, representing its interests through international cooperation, is our main mission.

Trainees will be involved in running European projects (MACARONIGHT, Emporia4kt, ENGIE and AGEO).
The ideal internship period would be from May to July 2022, but there is some flexibility to match the students academic duties.
The main office is in La Palma.

Tareas a realizar

Main support tasks will be:
- Translation of projects¿ communication through multimedia channels (Spanish-English),
- Interpretation in events such as project conferences and workshops (Spanish-English),
- Support to communications management,
- Support to the organization of events.

Perfil buscado

  • Grado en Traducción e Interpretación: INGLÉS-ALEMÁN
  • Grado en Traducción e Interpretación: INGLÉS-FRANCÉS
  • Doble Grado en Traducción e Interpretacion Inglés-Alemán e Inglés-Francés
  • Programa de Doble Titulación: Grado en Traducción e Interpretación (Inglés-Alemán) y Grado en Turismo.