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Descripción de la oferta

We are looking for a Robotics Control Engineer with knowledge in the field of robotics, robot dynamics and actuation control algorithms.

Required skills and experience:
Studies in the field of Robotics/Control Engineering or relevant PhD or masters degree.
Strong knowledge in the design, implementation and tuning of robotic control algorithms with emphasis on servo control and robotic actuation as well as robot dynamics.
Experience with modelling tools (Gazebo, Matlab, Simulink/Simscape or any comparable tool).
Experience with C++ and Python Experience in ROS.
Experience in Matlab and Simulink with direct experience with deployment on real-time target systems.
Experience in Hardware in the Loop (HIL) is desired.
Confident with source control (GIT).
Experience testing and debugging physical systems like sensors, actuators, and algorithms.
Experience working with serial communication protocols such as Ethernet, Ethercat, CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, BISS, etc.
Experience working with agile.

Tareas a realizar

- Selection and evaluation of Commercial Motor Control Algorithms/Techniques.
- Analysis and study of robot dynamics to influence electronic and mechanical design.
- Determination/optimisation of control algorithms and methods for a set of requirements of operation.
- Simulation of the control algorithms and actuator/robot behaviour under different scenarios.
- Implementation of control algorithms in breadboard systems, but also fully integrated robotic systems.
- Testing and debugging of control algorithms, both at the actuator level and robot level.
- Read and understand relevant research papers.
- Participate in agile planning meetings and contribute to the agile-based work management tools.
- Contribute to the internal and external documentation of the Project.